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Data Analytics

The analytics process, with use of big data analytics tools, can help business houses improve operational efficiency, drive new revenue and gain competitive advantages over business rivals. A descriptive analytics focuses on describing something that has already happened, as well as suggesting its root causes. Descriptive analytics, which remains the lion's share of the analysis performed, typically hinges on basic querying, reporting and visualization of historical data. Alternatively, more complex predictive and prescriptive modelling can help companies foresee business opportunities and make decisions that affect both toplines and bottomline. It can help devising marketing campaigns, reducing customer churn and avoiding equipment failures. With predictive analytics, historical data sets are mined for patterns indicative of future situations and behaviors, while prescriptive analytics subsumes the results of predictive analytics to suggest actions that will best take advantage of the predicted scenarios.

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We specialize in assisting companies to discover their most pressing questionsand typically work closely with the management and executive team to evaluate the current status of the business and its marketplace to develop strategies for growth, set workable goals and strategies for their attainment, and then streamline your systems to accommodate that growth and the changes that come along with it.would benefit from the expertise of someone who has already blazed the path befo.

Strategic planning in any business is vital but the excecutive team so close to the processes and operations aften they don’t see the situation from an unbiased perspective and we provide you the much needed independent perspective to help you set and achive new business goals. We provide :

  • A clear and unbiased perspective
  • New Ideas to solve existing problems
  • Focus on improving both topline and bottomline being within your business objective.
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Tax and Legal

Acrisius’s provides corporate tax consulting and other related legal advisory to domestic and foreign companies. Along with tax compliance, we also provide tax advisory services to reduce tax burden in the long term. We have our specialisation in GST,Tax and Legal services, foreign trade laws, wealth management.Tax advice needs to be sought before one enters into business transactions. So, tax planning is best developed in advance. We help enterprises formulate effective strategies to optimise their taxes, implement innovative tax planning strategies and effectively manage compliance-related requirements.

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Scenario Simulation

We carry out experimental studies and simulate relevant scenarios for customers to provide powerful insights to shape policy debates and determine the potential impacts of proposed or existing policies on business decisions. We assess the impact of alternate economic assumptions, geopolitical forces and technological advancements on a business plan or investment strategy. This includes:

  • Measure the resilience of a business plan or investment strategy to external market force.
  • Assess the risk of entering a new market or sector.
  • Perform due diligence on organization’s trade risk management approach.
  • Initiate strategic thinking, such as how sales will perform under different economic.
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Business Opportunity

We analyse market needs, evaluate the potential of new markets, new products, entry strategy, understand the competitive landscape, and develop short and long-term plans by both market segment and product. We help client with data-intensive cases that require extensive econometrics and statistical analyses to build business models and decision tools to prioritize market opportunities.

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Trade Risk

All forms of business contain an element of risks, but when it comes to international trade the risk profile often enters a new dimension. Internationally one will find different laws & statues governing the market. Successful trade transactions depend on knowledge of these established practices. We help our clients make business decisions by analysing macroeconomic and other variables such as geopolitical stability, taxes and availability of skills and finance. We also provide market size analysis for assessing new market opportunities using economic forecasting and surveys.

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Trade support initiative

It is an initiative to increase access to trade finance and advisory services for small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs).We know that small businesses need access to both finance and the right advice to develop and grow. We work with clients at local and international level, to improve their ability to formulate and manage trade development program.

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Services to Family owned business

With drive, determination and a never-say-die entrepreneurial spirit many family businesses today have become a global organisation. These businesses are backed by a sound culture and value system. They are more likely to retain talent in tough economic times and take a long-term perspective to the business. We provide succession management plans along with other host of services to meet management objectives.

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